A Return to Hugo

I started using the Hugo static site generator in 2017 to maintain my personal website. Yihui Xie’s work on integrating blogdown and hugo made it much easier to maintain the site and Yihui Xie, Amber Thomas, and Allison Presmanes Hill’s Creating Websites with R Markdown documented how to keep things going in their book . While I create a lot of digital content for my the Center for Data and Visualization Sciences, I have to admit that I have not kept a close watch on some of the changes taking place with the Hugo Academic Theme! As I tried to update my site to include a new book, I discovered that I could no longer build the site without bringing both hugo and the academic theme up to date! Fortunately, the Rstats community had documented some of the changes.

While I’ve seen several posts that suggest it might have been possible to migrate content into the new version of the theme, I’ve decided to start with a fresh install. I think that this will allow me to review whether to migrate some things forward while introducting some new features (like this post!). I ask for your patience if you are looking for some of the content from the previous site.

Joel Herndon, Ph.D.
Joel Herndon, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Data and Visualization Sciences

My research interests include data science, research data services, and data curation and management.